Chlorination & Disinfection Services

Water Disinfection & Chlorination Services

BS 8558:2015 & HSE ACOP L8 & Technical Guidance HSG 274

Water quality and microbiological control are essential factors in the safe operation of all engineered water systems.

When a new water supply is installed to a site, the local water company will require that it is flushed and disinfected in accordance with their own specification. It is also a requirement that all new domestic pipework installations, or modifications to such systems, should be disinfected before being placed into service.

BS 8558:2015  Guide to the design, installation, testing and maintenance of services supplying water for domestic use within buildings and their curtilages. Complementary guidance to BS EN 806  sets out the methodology and details the appropriate contact times and concentrations of the disinfecting agents to be used.

We are specialists in water hygiene and can undertake a wide range of services including; monitoring, cleaning, disinfection and verification of both domestic water and process water systems in accordance with the latest Codes of Practice and specifications. Our range of services is comprehensive and can accommodate both new and existing systems, whether they are for major site installations with numerous outlets and extensive external mains pipework, or more localised systems requiring only the treatment of a single or small number of outlets.

Water Sampling & Testing

In conjunction with our independent laboratories, we offer a comprehensive chemical and microbiological monitoring and sampling service. This includes analysis of both drinking and potable waters, to assess the bacteriological wholesomeness of the water and can include tests for Legionella.

We can also provide a specialist analytical consultancy service utilising our expertise and knowledge gained through many years experience in the water treatment industry. Interpretation of results is as important as the analytical data itself and this cannot be understated.

In recent times there has been a growing requirement for the routine chemical and microbiological testing of closed water systems. Such analyses can identify organisms that have been associated with operational difficulties of these systems, such as Pseudomonas and other slime-forming bacteria. This type of monitoring is extremely useful as an early warning of potentially serious system operational problems. It can also identify micro-organisms responsible for corrosion within these systems, such as Sulphate Reducing Bacteria, and Nitrite Oxidising or Nitrate Reducing bacteria responsible for the depletion of the concentration of proprietary nitrite-based corrosion inhibitors.

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