Dorado Chlorine Dioxide Systems

WRAS Approved Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Systems - The Dorado Range

The Goodwater WRAS Approved Dorado Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Systems use established technology in order to deliver a controlled amount of chlorine dioxide disinfectant to the water stream to be treated. The built in safety features of the Dioxychlor systems ensures that overdosing cannot occur, making the system; effective, reliable and above all safe.

The system uses chemicals which conform to BS EN 12671:2000 and both the Dioxychlor III and Dioxychlor Plus system are now WRAS approved. u

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At the heart of the Dioxychlor Systems is the chemical reaction chamber and PLC control system. This means that the on-line mixing of the pre-cursor chemicals is accurately controlled ensuring that the specified dose of treatment is achieved effectively.

Both systems find application wherever additional disinfection measures to control legionella and other bacteria are required. The use of chlorine dioxide is permitted in accordance with the HSE Guide L8.

Dioxychlor III is recommended for direct on line injection of chlorine dioxide where continuous recirculation is not required or might not be practical.

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Dioxychlor Plus is a direct development of the Dioxychlor III System and is designed with an on board recirculation pump which enables the unit to be installed as part of a storage tank recirculation system.

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