Flushing & Chemical Cleaning

Water Cleaning Services

Goodwater strives to deliver contracting services of the highest quality and all works undertaken are in accordance with the relevant; British Standards, CIBSE, BSRIA, Health & Safety Executive Guidelines, Approved Codes of Practice and Government published legislation. Goodwater hold the following accreditations:

As the demand to design and deliver stylish new buildings which also offer energy saving and environmental efficiency increases, so does the complexity of the buildings' services installation. These systems require the highest standards of system cleanliness in order to function effectively meaning that the importance of system flushing and water treatment has never been higher. The introduction of the BSRIA Application Guide AG 1/2001 in January of 2001 and its revision late in 2004 (1/2001.1) acknowledged this fact and this document has now become the “benchmark” adopted by building services consultants, contractors and water treatment specialists across the building services industry.

Goodwater has positioned itself in the market place to offer its customers a full range of water treatment services to ensure that the installed piped services operate effectively. These flushing and water treatment services are listed below:

  • Dynamic flushing of closed systems in accordance with BSRIA BG 29/2012
  • Biocide washing of closed systems in accordance with BSRIA  BG 29/2012
  • Pre-commission cleaning of closed systems to BSRIABG 29/2012
  • Chlorination/disinfection in accordance with BS 8558: 2015  and HSE ACOP L8& HSG 274
  • UKAS accredited microbiological and chemical analysis services

In addition to the above core services Goodwater can also provide:

Inhibitor/biocide dosing of water used for pressure testing and flushing of systems. Many mechanical contractors recognise the need to chemically treat the water used for the pressure testing and flushing of systems. The dosing of biocides (for protection against infection from Pseudomonas and other bio-film producing bacteria) is now commonplace. Goodwater can provide automated chemical dosing systems which routinely treat the water used for pressure testing and flushing purposes.

Temporary pumping systems. Goodwater has invested heavily in site equipment to provide portable pumps enabling subsections of systems to be flushed independently of the main pipe work riser system, allowing flexibility to phased project completion. Temporary pumps are also important so that local sections of larger systems that may sit stagnant between pressure testing, flushing and chemical cleaning (and up to project handover) can be treated and maintained in good condition.

For more information about water flushing and cleaning solutions or our water contracting services contact Goodwater or call 0118 973 5003 0118 973 5003 to discuss your water cleaning and treatment needs.