Goodwater donates to WaterAid

21 June 2011

Water for life

We are delighted to announce that we have made a substantial donation to WaterAid, a registered charity dedicated to providing safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people.

As a successful water treatment company, Goodwater understands the value of providing good quality water. Safe water and sanitation are fundamental to life and everyone has a right to these basic services.

However, one in eight people still do not have access to safe drinking water and two in five do not have adequate sanitation. Compounded by a lack of good hygiene practices, the result is extreme poverty and ill health among millions of people. We recognise that organisations such as WaterAid are working hard to change this.

  • Through partnerships with local organisations, WaterAid helps local communities to set up and manage practical and sustainable water sanitation and hygiene projects that meet their real needs.
  • WaterAid also campaigns locally and internationally to change policy and practice to ensure that water and sanitation's vital role in reducing poverty is recognised.

A global crisis

  • 884 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. This is roughly one in eight of the world's population.
  • 2.26 billion people in the world do not have access to adequate sanitation; this is almost two-fifths of the world's population.
  • 1.4 million children die every year from diarrhoea caused by unclean water and poor sanitation - 4,000 child deaths a day or one child death every 20 seconds. This equates to 160 infant school classrooms lost every single day to an entirely preventable public health crisis.

"Our enormous thanks to all at Goodwater for your kind donation of £1,000.00 in support of WaterAid's life saving work."

WaterAid’s projects cost on average just £15.00 per head, which means that Goodwater's support will be enough to enable over 60 of the world's poorest people to gain access to a supply of safe water, adequate sanitation and hygiene education.

What has WaterAid done?

  • WaterAid has reached 14.38 million people with safe water since 1981 and 9.4 million people with sanitation since 2004.
  • Last year WaterAid reached 940,000 people with safe water and 1.24 million people with sanitation.
  • Just £15 can enable one person to access a lasting supply of safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation. (WaterAid)

How Goodwater's donation could help:

£5 could pay for a bag of cement to build a latrine slab in Ghana

£100 could pay a mason to build a hand-dug well in Nigeria

£15 can enable one person to access safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation

£150 could pay to train two community members to maintain their village water supplies in Ethiopia

£25 could pay for a mason to protect a spring in Uganda


£200 could buy a locally built rope pump in Mozambique

£50 is enough for two days of hygiene training in a village in Tanzania

£385 could pay for a school sanitation block for 150 boys and girls in India

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