Goodwater Announces the latest addition to their Pegasus Range

17 August 2011

Goodwater Announces the latest addition to their Pegasus Range

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new range of Bulk Salt Saturators which are designed to complement our existing range of Pegasus Water Softeners.

We can now offer a standard range of Bulk Salt Saturators starting at 8 tonne refill capacity right through to 70 tonne refill capacity. All salt saturators are supplied with a standard salt fill line and tank connector, which is designed to accept the salt from a bulk delivery tanker.

Brine is used in many industries including Water Treatment where it finds use in the regeneration of water softeners and for electrolytic chlorine generation.

In order to make brine in large quantities, large volumes of common salt (sodium chloride) are required.

Why Use a Salt Saturator?

The construction industry is becoming increasingly aware of Health and Safety issues associated with manual handling and this has impacted on traditional tasks such as adding heavy (25kg) bags of salt to water softener salt tanks.

This has led to a requirement for the automation ofsuch processes wherever practical. The Bulk Salt Saturator is designed to eliminate manual handling issues and make the delivery of brine to water softening systems a much safer and more economical process.

Bulk Salt Saturators work on the simple principal whereby a controlled addition of water is mixed with PDV salt (pure dried vacuum salt) to provide a source of brine.

The outlet of the Bulk Salt Saturator is connected to the brine collection system situated inside the vessel. The brine collection system is covered by graded layers of gravel upon which the salt sits. Water is supplied to the salt saturator from the mains water supply the level of which is controlled by a ball float valve.

Our range of Pegasus Bulk Salt Saturators has been designed to provide a constant controllable supply of saturated brine solution.

In operation, the water mixes with the salt to become brine. This brine seeps through the salt and the graded filter bed which filters out any impurities and into the brine collection system which delivers clean, saturated brine through the outlet connection.

The shells of our salt saturators are translucent in order that the salt and water levels can be readily seen and incorporate a UV stabiliser to prevent UV damage. The tops and bases are pigmented mid blue as standard, but any alternative colour (to BS2800) can be supplied at extra cost.

All standard models come complete with the following features:

  • Side man-way
  • Top man-way
  • Salt fill pipework c/w tanker connection
  • Lifting lugs
  • Float column for the ball float valve
  • Internal brine collection system c/w integral Brine outlet connection
  • Graded gravel bed supplied in bagged form on pallets.
  • Louvered air vents and pressure relief vents.

A wide range of optional extras are available include the following:

  • Salt dust arrester tanks.
  • Vent filter Socks.
  • Salt level switches which allows alarms to be activated on both high and low level salt
  • Overflow downpipes.
  • Brine outlet valve.
  • Access steelwork.
  • Brine transfer pumps and control systems.

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