An Autumn Visit From Mediagon AG, our Swiss Partners

04 November 2011
Goodwater recently entertained Thomas Engeli and Klaus Troll of Mediagon AG, the manufacturers of the Mediagon Physical Water Conditioning Device.

L to R: Claus Troll, Martin King, Thomas Engeli & Miguel Garcia.

Thomas Engeli s is the managing Director of a number of European companies with interests in Publishing, Advertising, Machine Production and global distribution.

Claus Troll is the Export Manager at Mediagon responsible for their overseas franchise and agency network.

Thomas and Claus met with Goodwater’s Managing Director, Technical Director & Equipment Sales Director – Martin King, Frank Butterworth and Miguel Garcia respectively.  This was an excellent opportunity to undertake a detailed review of the effectiveness of the Mediagon Water Conditioning Device and to develop strategies to increase the sale of the device in the UK.  The meeting carried on informally over dinner at the excellent local Wokingham restaurant Ruchetta where the discussions were concluded with a glass of Fendant de Chamoson 2008…

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