Introduction of BS 8558:2011

24 June 2013

Goodwater are now certifying disinfection work in accordance with the latest updated British Standard, BS 8558:2011.

BS 8558: 2011
came into effect on 31 December 2011 and is now the lead document in the area of Domestic Water Supply. It provides complementary guidance to BS EN 806 and is a guide to the design, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of services supplying water for domestic use within buildings and their curtilages.

Together with BS EN 806-1, BS EN 806-2, BS EN 806-3, BS EN 806-4 and BS EN 806-5, this British Standard supersedes BS 6700:2006+A1:2009, which has now been withdrawn.

The BS8558 and Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 state:

"... systems should be disinfected in the following instances..."

  • New installations (except private dwellings occupied by a single family).
  • Major extensions or alterations (except private dwellings occupied by a single family).
  • Underground pipe work (except localised repairs or insertion of junctions).
  • Where it is suspected that contamination may have occurred e.g. fouling by sewage drainage, animals or physical entry by site personnel for interior inspection, painting or repairs.
  • Where a system has not been in regular use and not regularly flushed. 

For further information please contact your Goodwater Representative.


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