Goodwater Tucana UV Units & BS EN 14897

30 October 2013

We are proud to announce that our market-leading Tucana range of WRAS approved UV disinfection units have been successfully tested in accordance with BS EN 14897: 2006 + A1:2007 “Water conditioning equipment inside buildings – devices using mercury low-pressure ultraviolet radiators – Requirements for performance, safety and testing”

The British Standard defines a set of requirements, and a stringent protocol, for the validation of the performance of UV disinfection devices.

The purpose of this testing protocol is to verify that a UV dose of 40mJ/cm2 is delivered to the water flow at the end of the lamp life over a range of specified (varying) flow rates and UV transmissions.

The testing protocol uses Bacillus bacteria within a bio-dosimeter to verify that the unit is completely effective when operating at these specified flows and UV transmissions.

Units that have been tested in accordance with this British Standard can state operating flow rates and UV doses, based on differing UV transmissions, which have been independently verified. The units have also been proven to have performed safely under these conditions.

This verification process affords specifiers of this type of equipment confidence that the units are capable of delivering a verified performance over the lifetime of the UV lamp installed.

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