Goodwater Dioxychlor Plus WRAS Approval

23 October 2015
We are pleased to announce that the Goodwater Dorado Dioxychlor Plus Chlorine Dioxide Dosing System now has WRAS approval, having successfully demonstrated full regulatory compliance to the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme.

The Dorado Dioxychlor Plus is a development of the Dorado Dioxychlor III Chlorine Dioxide Dosing System (also WRAS approved) and incorporates advanced control features and functionality.

The Dioxychlor III system operates on a proportional/volumetric basis: it doses disinfectant in direct proportion to the volume of water used and is very effective throughout systems incorporating smaller storage tanks.

In contrast, the Dioxychlor Plus has been designed to treat water systems that have a large volume of stored water: the on-board recirculation pump constantly moves the stored water through the dosing unit, where the in-line monitoring electrode continuously monitors the level of chlorine dioxide in the recirculating system, ensuring that the required treatment level is always maintained in the stored water. 

The microprocessor-based controller receives real-time feedback from the monitoring system and the two high performance dosing pumps deliver precise amounts of pre-cursor chemical to the system reaction chamber to ensure that the stored water has the specified level of treatment present at all times. The digital controller also continuously displays the monitored level of chlorine dioxide present in the treated water.

The Dioxychlor Plus is an essential feature of maintaining wholesome water quality in stored water systems.

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