Introducing the new Cygnus GLF sidestream filtration range

18 July 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new GLF range of sidestream filtration units.

Having gained feedback from end users, consultants and contractors we found there was a clear need for a user friendly, compact, effective and low maintenance system to maintain closed system water quality. The GLF range was developed to meet all these requirements and offer flexibility for all applications.

The latest guide for the design and treatment of closed systems, BSRIA BG 29-2012, states that ‘sidestream filtration is suitable for most systems and strongly recommended for systems over 2500 litres’ to ‘preserve system condition’ and ‘limit bacterial growth’, by reducing the presence of solids that can cause blockages or loss of heating/cooling within plant and terminal units.

Traditionally, sidestream filtration systems have been costly, physically large or caused system water losses as a by-product of their operation. The GLF range removes these barriers, sets a new standard for closed system water treatment and is designed with the facility to introduce further technologies in the future.

To discuss how a GLF unit can help you to save energy, money and provide a more efficient closed system, please contact us here.

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