Pegasus Water Softener Range

Water Softeners - The Pegasus Range

The Pegasus range of water softeners includes models suitable for simple domestic water installations through to large industrial process applications requiring flow rates of up to 75m3/hr.

The Pegasus range utilises a combination of resin vessels, distribution systems and control valves to provide a flexibility of configuration to suit virtually any application. A range of both basic electro-mechanical and high end electronic controllers are available to suit the performance requirements of a demanding range of applications.

Introduction to the Pegasus Range of Water Softeners

Bulk Salt Saturators - The Pegasus Range

Goodwater also supply the Pegasus range of bulk salt saturators which includes models from just 8 Tonnes capacity right up to 70 Tonnes capacity. The standard product is available with a range of useful accessories such as salt dust arrestation devices and electronic salt level indication

For more information about The Pegasus Water Softener & Bulk Salt Saturator Range and Goodwater’s other total water solutions, contact our Equipment Technical Services team or call 0118 973 5003 0118 973 5003 to discuss your water softening, salt storage and water treatment needs.

Introduction to the Pegasus Range of Bulk Salt Saturators

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