Water Hygiene Services

Our Water Hygiene Services

In addition to undertaking risk assessment, Goodwater offer a full range of water hygiene and water treatment services which may form part of the risk management programme.

All water hygiene services offered by Goodwater are designed to meet specific site requirements and all procedures and control systems implemented will comply with the very latest Codes of Practice and British and/or European Specifications. Refurbishment works, relating to cold water storage tanks and down service systems are carried out in compliance with the Water Research Council guidance, the Water Supply Regulations and in accordance with the ACOP L8 & Technical Guidance HSG 274.

Water Hygiene Monitoring and Testing

The risk from Legionella in water systems can be greatly reduced if regular monitoring to identify potential problems is carried out as part of the legionella risk management programme. Goodwater’s service team can carry out routine and investigative water sampling with the subsequent microbiological and chemical testing being undertaken by independent UKAS accredited laboratories. This ensures that that health risks are fully monitored and managed.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Service Systems and Cooling Towers

Cooling towers and water storage tanks must be kept clean and in good operational condition. Failure to do so can lead to systems being at risk from the spread of the potentially fatal legionella and other types of bacteria which can proliferate under stagnant or contaminated conditions. Goodwater can undertake the remedial cleaning and disinfection of both cooling water systems and hot & cold water systems all in accordance with the relevant specification.

Water Tank Upgrade and Refurbishment

Goodwater can undertake cleaning and refurbishment of a wide variety of installed water storage tanks and their associated system pipe work. If water systems are left neglected, there is a risk that bacteria such as legionella will proliferate.

Showerhead De-scaling and Water Disinfection

Showers deliver water at around 45°C, making them a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Because showers are typically used intermittently, periods of stagnation can allow bacteria to multiply. The showerheads act as filters, trapping debris and scale; the two things that act as a nutrient and a safe habitat for bacteria. It is therefore vital that showers are cleaned on a regular basis as part of the legionella control programme.

Goodwater can supply a product developed specifically for use in this application: Showertreat MD is an easy to use showerhead de-scale and disinfectant fluid. The product is safer to use than the traditional acid de-scale followed by chlorine immersion typically used for this purpose. Showertreat eliminates the problems associated with corrosion and embrittling of showerhead fixtures and fittings.

For more information about Goodwater’s total water hygiene solutions,  contact Goodwater or call 0118 973 5003 0118 973 5003 to discuss your water treatment needs.