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Dioxychlor IV Coming Soon….

Dioxychlor IV Coming Soon...

The Goodwater Team is continuously working on developing new products and enhancing those we already manufacture so that the solutions we can offer are varied, meet our clients’ changing needs and are suitable for any application.

In 2021 we shall be launching a brand new, unique Chlorine Dioxide dosing system – the Dorado Dioxychlor IV – which will replace our Dioxychlor III system and offer loads of features and improvements.

The Dioxychlor IV will be fully compliant with the water regulations, provide safe, controlled and effective protection against the growth of legionella and continue to be a solution that offers value for money.

Watch this space for more updates coming soon.

  • Colour touch screen allowing for easier operation and access to information
  • Analogue chemical dosing pumps offering more controllable and precise dosing
  • Alarm logging for up to 12 events
  • Enhanced interaction with chlorine dioxide monitoring cell, providing real-time chemical levels on screen and the facility to override proportional dosing automatically if required
  • Improved safety and fail-safes
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Contact us today to chat through your requirements

Our team can provide solutions including any or all of the above services and products to solve your problems and make a difference to your business whilst making sure you are fully compliant in all regards.

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