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“Knowledge is power,” or so the saying goes, and knowledge is more powerful than physical strength and is the fuel that empowers generation after generation.

It all starts with education, from childhood to adulthood, and in the UK there are more than 32,000 Schools, Academies, Universities and Colleges teaching more than 10 million students new skills and a variety of subjects every day.
We provide a wide range of services and equipment to meet the growing challenges faced by all these establishments. Every visitor, teacher and student expects to have water of excellent quality available and for rooms to be heated and cooled to the right temperatures conducive to the right teaching and learning environment.

In order to operate effectively, water systems need to be designed, installed and maintained to meet all relevant regulatory and compliance requirements – a constant challenge but Goodwater are there at every step along the way, providing the right equipment, services and  advice to ensure water quality standards can be maintained.