Equipment Ranges


Base Exchange Water Softeners

Fully automatic simplex or duplex water softening systems with timer or meter control for the removal of calcium and magnesium ions from hard water to prevent the build up of scale. Vital equipment for treating cooling towers, steam boilers and domestic water systems and available for all sizes and flow rates.

In addition to our standard range, we provide bespoke designs to satisfy any site specific space, cost and maintenance requirements. Bulk salt saturators and accessories, such as hardness monitoring and resin bed disinfection, tailor the design even further to offer the client the best possible treatment and value for money.


Physical Water Conditioners

Our Mediagon physical water conditioners use high quality Swiss engineering and unique patented technology to impart a conditioning effect on hardness molecules present in water to minimise scale deposition.
Simple to install and with no maintenance needed, these units are available in all sizes and for all pipework materials.


UV Disinfection Systems

Market leading Ultra Violet disinfection products, fully WRAS approved and the only range of units in the UK to have been independently validated to comply with the requirements of BS EN 14897, providing another method of controlling the spread of legionella within a domestic water system.

Units are sized specifically for the water quality treated and supplied with the unique flow management system, to guarantee all water passing through the unit receives the stated treatment levels, as well as a range of accessories to verify UV doses and ensure safe, effective operation.


Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Systems

Our Dioxychlor Systems allow continuous and safe low level chemical disinfection of domestic water systems using Chlorine Dioxide, preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria such as Legionella.
Fully DWI and WRAS approved, our Dioxychlor III and Dioxychlor Plus units provide unique options for the control of legionella in hot and cold water systems to safeguard public health and help clients meet compliance with ACoP L8.


Chemical Dosing Systems

A comprehensive range of small and large automatic and manual dosing systems designed to dose a variety of chemicals efficiently into any water system.
Can be used for inhibitor and biocide dosing for closed and domestic water systems as well as cooling towers and steam boilers.


Filtration Systems

A full range of filtration equipment designed to remove solids and suspended matter from domestic, industrial and commercial water systems.
From our WRAS approved selection of auto-backwashing filters fitted on incoming mains to the compact GLF sidestream filter for closed re-circulating systems, we provide an application for any need.


IoT Products

A new range of systems which tap into the Internet of Things to enhance legionella compliance. Products include remote telemetry devices that can be fitted to various types of equipment to warn operators of alarms and failures, and smart sensors and gateways that can remotely collect vital information from systems, such as temperatures and outlet usage.

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