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Local Authorities

There are over 400 local authorities in the UK, made up of county councils, district councils, borough councils and unitary councils, and they are responsible for providing an extensive range of public services to everyone living in the local area.

These local authorities look after the interests of the community including the social, economic, environmental, recreational, cultural, community and general development of their specified area.

Their services are vital and affect individuals of all ages and backgrounds and with varying health and educational needs, as well as businesses large and small. They look after schools, Children’s Centres, day care centres, community buildings, blocks of flats, sheltered housing, libraries, play areas, parks, sports complexes, public conveniences and so on. Wherever the local authority is responsible for a building, they are also responsible for the people who use it and that means the water systems must be regularly checked and tested to ensure the users are safe and regulations are upheld.

To date we have worked with a large number local authorities in London and the South fulfilling a variety of water treatment and water hygiene services either directly with them or through FM companies.

The extent of the works we undertake can be limited to one or two buildings or cover the entire building stock, and services include – tank surveying and refurbishment, temperature monitoring, tank and system disinfection, water sampling, closed system analysis and dosing and also elements of training and compliance such as Legionella Risk Assessment and training for duty holders and responsible people.

Our engineers are all DBS checked to ensure they are able to work safely even in sensitive environments, and we take care to put the building users at ease, communicate well with them and help uphold the moral standards set by the local authorities as we represent them as well as ourselves.

We are equipped to meet the needs of every local authority property in terms of our water treatment and water hygiene advice, support, service and compliance.