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Steam Boilers

Steam boilers are found in many industries including laundries, breweries, chemical processing, electrical power generation, food and beverage manufacturing and also for heating.

They are sensitive systems and maintenance of the water chemistry is essential to ensure continuous heat exchange, adequate corrosion protection and production of high quality steam.

In the production of steam, dissolved solids form deposits inside the boiler which can have a negative impact on performance leading to corrosion, poor heat transfer, reduced efficiency and ultimately failure in the most extreme cases.

Optimal treatment of boiler feed water is therefore vital, and at Goodwater we provide the solutions necessary to ensure the longevity of any steam generating system.

The make-up water must be softened and then conditioning chemicals need to be applied to the system. We are able to design, supply, commission and maintain water softening and automatic chemical dosing equipment to achieve this.

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Thereafter, when a system becomes operational, we offer comprehensive service and maintenance programmes to look after and prolong the life of the conditioning equipment and the boiler itself.

Our skilled engineers can mechanically service all softening and chemical dosing plant and also undertake detailed analysis of the make-up and hotwell water using the latest on-site testing equipment.

Servicing should be as regular as possible during which adjustments may be made to the chemical treatments to ensure optimal water quality is achieved, and that potentially catastrophic and dangerous plant failures are be avoided.

We also have our own range of steam boiler treatment chemicals and salt to complement our quality service.
Our team can provide solutions including any or all of the above services and products to solve your problems and make a difference to your business.
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