Construction generates a massive £110 Billion towards the UK economy and accounts for approximately 3 million jobs, roughly 10% of total UK employment and includes both manufacturing and services.

Goodwater was conceived in the early days of water treatment and its roots are firmly entrenched within the construction industry having worked for over 30 years with building services and mechanical contracting enterprises responsible for installing pipework systems into new and refurbished buildings and developments.

Goodwater appreciates that our services are required at the tail end of any project whether large or small as the pipework systems require cleaning and or disinfecting prior to the commissioning stage.

Closed Recirculating Systems

Bacteria, debris and other undesirable materials will find its way into all closed re-circulating water systems during the installation and filling phase, whether LTHW, Chilled Water, MTHW or Condenser systems. Pre-commission cleaning is essential to ensure that systems can be properly commissioned and then after handover can operate to their optimum level.

Our engineers are fully equipped to provide fully compliant and certification water treatment programmes which may include dynamic flushing biocide washing, chemical cleaning, application of corrosion inhibitor and biocidal treatments and all associated laboratory and on site sampling to the very latest BSRIA standards.

Domestic Water Services & External Mains

British Standards deem that all pipework supplying water for drinking and washing purposes to and within buildings must be effectively disinfected and sampled to demonstrate that water quality is acceptable for human use.

Our engineers carry out numerous disinfection projects every day meeting all applicable British Standards and in some cases specific Water Authorities’ own specifications.


Goodwater works with consultants and mechanical installers to provide solutions for an array of common problems encountered within any open or closed water systems, problems such as – such as hardness, bacteria, debris and corrosion.

We have an extensive range of equipment to combat these problems and help prolong the life of a system and its components which we select based on specific design criteria.

Examples of our Equipment ranges include water softeners, water conditioners, UV systems, Chlorine Dioxide systems, filtration plant, chemical dosing equipment.