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Case studies

001 Water Hygiene

Priory School

We came to the rescue when the team at Priory School in Upper Norwood approached us with a series of water hygiene problems that left them open to non-compliance and exposing them to potential litigation if an outbreak had occurred …..


002 Tank refurbishment

Queen Elizabeth’s Girls School

One of our existing service contract clients came to us asking for advice about one of their cold water storage tank that was in terrible condition…..


003 Flushing of Data Centre Cooling Systems

Heathrow Airport

Following a recent catastrophe at Heathrow in 2017 when a data centre went down leading to delays for thousands of travellers, further system problems were identified and our expertise was called upon …..


004 Disinfection and water softening

Community Hub, South of England

Following a series of unacceptable laboratory results and remedial disinfection procedures on the domestic water services at one of our service contracts, the solution presented itself in the form of bespoke chemical dosing and water softening systems …


005 Water tank cleaning

Heathfield Gardens

The cold water tank serving a large South London residential tower block was found to be in need of some attention…