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Our health is the most important thing we have, indeed without it we have nothing, and throughout the UK there are thousands of healthcare organisations offering vital services for the population to access, and the increase standards of healthcare mean we are all living longer than ever before.

Caring for the sick and injured goes beyond providing medical and surgical treatment; hospitals and healthcare organisations have a duty of care to provide safe, clean and comfortable environments for patients and visitors. This means maintaining a consistent supply of clean, reliable water for drinking, washing and bathing, as well as a providing water for specific medical processes and machinery, heating, cooling and cleaning.

From hospitals, to mental health, care homes, hospices and clinics, we appreciate the importance of these facilities and the services they provide. Hospitals and healthcare organisations are obliged to meet various regulations and compliance standards and the management of each of these can be time-consuming and challenging.

This is where we can help. At Goodwater we are equipped to meet the needs of every healthcare property in terms of our advice, support, service and compliance, in fact we currently undertake service work at over 40 healthcare sites nationwide.