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food & beverage

The Food and Beverage sector touches each and every one of us in some way or another on a daily basis, and the challenges faced in production of goods for our consumption are huge. Legislation, hygiene standards, sustainability and stringent environmental constraints are just some of these challenges in a sector which generates around £30 Billion and employs almost half a million people.

Goodwater understands these issues and works with a number of leading enterprises, some of which are literally household names whose products are likely found in almost every kitchen in the UK.

They use water in many different ways – as a component in some products, for processes such as steam generation, as well as to provide heating and cooling and domestic hot and cold water for their employees and visitors.

In all instance, water treatment and water hygiene is required and Goodwater can provide the solutions, tailoring bespoke programmes to meet the client’s very specific needs.

So whether it be Restaurants, Bars, Catering, Breweries, or Food Processing there will always be a requirement for water treatment.