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Water Hygiene Services

Water is a basic necessity, and an important resource for sustaining life. Failure to look after our water systems can endanger the health of human beings by creating conditions and an environment in which bacteria can appear and grow leading to the spread of diseases.

Cleanliness, water quality and microbiological control are essential factors in the safe operation of engineered water systems.

The expression ‘Water Hygiene’ refers to treatments and services which, when applied to water systems such as drinking water supplies, domestic hot and cold systems, showers, spa and swimming pools can help maintain cleanliness. All these systems can generate an aerosol, or fine water spray, which, if inhaled, can lead to illnesses such as Legionnaires’ Disease in the most serious of cases.

Water Hygiene treatment services are required in order to meet current legislation and can include:

  • Risk assessment – to assess whether suitable control measures are in place
  • Monitoring – to ensure temperatures and chemical levels are correctly achieved and maintained
  • Water sampling – laboratory analysis to establish whether harmful organisms are present
  • Treatment programmes and remedial actions such as chemical disinfections where required

Goodwater can provide a full range of services to ensure our clients comply fully with all legislative standards and codes of practice. These include:

Legionella Risk Assessments

We are one of a small handful of companies who carry full UKAS accreditation as an inspection body for our Risk Assessments. Building owners must arrange assessments of their systems on an ongoing basis in order to identify potential problems or risks and create action plans plan to undertake any corrective measures required.

Monitoring Programmes

Our programmes are bespoke to each application and can include temperature monitoring, water sampling using our UKAS accredited laboratory, and routine monitoring of biocide levels such as Chlorine Dioxide if applicable.

Remedial Works and Servicing

In order to minimise the risks of microbiological issues, we offer the following additional services as part of our monitoring programmes:

  • Deadleg removal and other pipework modifications
  • Tank survey and refurbishment
  • Shower de-scaling
  • TMV (thermostatic mixing valve) servicing

Disinfection Services

Disinfection of tanks and pipework is required when systems are initially installed as part of the commissioning process, and also as part of the ongoing servicing of existing building services, as well as in response to microbiological issues being identified. We offer disinfection services and manual cleaning to comply with all relevant standards to suit all applications and at any point of the life cycle of a building.

Supply and Maintenance of Equipment

We supply and install a wide range of UV systems, Chlorine Dioxide plant, water softeners and water conditioners and all associated chemicals and replacement parts required for their effective operation.
In addition our fully trained engineers can undertake full servicing of our own equipment and also those manufactured and installed by other water treatment enterprises.