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Cooling Towers

Cooling water systems are used in many commercial and industrial applications. Running costs can be high so it is vital that efficient systems are installed and maintained to minimise those costs whilst ensuring levels of productivity are not adversely affected.

One such system uses cooling towers, heat-rejection devices which discharge warm air to the atmosphere through the cooling of water. This process generates aerosol, fine water droplets which, if contaminated and inhaled by susceptible members of the population, may lead to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease.

To guard against infection and to ensure that efficiency is always optimised, the cooling tower system requires constant monitoring and treatment to ensure the water is of good quality, free of bacteria and with the water chemistry maintained to ensure scale build-up and corrosion is minimised.

Goodwater offers solutions from design through to maintenance in full compliance with the latest Approved Codes of Practice and Health and Safety Guidelines to treat the make-up and system water, incorporating innovative monitoring and automatic chemical dosing systems, biocide and inhibitor chemicals and water softening equipment.

Our skilled engineers undertake all necessary servicing, disinfection, sampling and analysis using the very latest on-site testing equipment to ensure the tower is always in good condition and that treatment levels are adjusted to ensure biological contamination, corrosion, and scaling are minimised.

This all-encompassing service gives the client peace of mind and confidence that they are always compliant and acting responsibly and in accordance with current legislation.

Cooling towers