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With almost three million workers the retail industry is the UK’s largest private sector employer generating revenues of £3-400 billion a year from over 300,000 businesses of varying sizes types – shops, department stores, supermarkets, market stalls, door-to-door sales and internet retailers to name but a few.

Whilst the brands and products are important, the facilities are more so, and all retail businesses, whether they be shopping centres, service stations, furniture showrooms, trade counters or high-end fashion boutiques, have to provide a comfortable atmosphere and clean water for their consumers and staff – as in this day and age the average shopper expects quality to enhance their experience, or they may not return.

Our high-quality services solutions meet this expectation for both the retailers and their customers. We can offer bespoke water treatment and water hygiene monitoring contracts to help ensure the health, longevity and efficiency of various water systems.