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Hotels & Leisure

The UK hotel and leisure industry is vibrant with turnover reaching in excess of £100 Billion each year. Shifts in consumer spending have powered robust growth – a reflection of the booming demand for ‘experiences’ that we the consumer have now come to expect.

An increase in overseas and domestic tourism, urban leisure and bespoke experiences are fuelling the expansion of this sector, and Goodwater are involved every step of the way.

The industry includes boutique hotels, state-of-the-art sports stadia, leisure facilities, theme parks, essentially any type of business where customer satisfaction and enjoyment are paramount.

Goodwater works with clients from across the sector from the early stages of system design through to operation, as the water systems and ongoing water hygiene and water treatment must be of the highest standard to meet the demands of the client base and ensure repeat business.

Meeting all current standards and regulations is top priority so we ensure full compliance and provide the peace of mind that our clients crave.

We understand the different challenges each hotel or leisure enterprise in this sector faces every day, and we work with them hard to build relationships and develop bespoke water treatment programmes they require. The right solution will minimise costs and increase efficiency of the water systems which translates into a positive ‘experience’ for the customer.