Staff Testimonials


"I have been with Goodwater for just under a year and they welcomed me in with open arms. My role has allowed me to learn new things daily and constantly challenge myself. It feels amazing knowing I am a part of a company which is constantly evolving and changing for the better. I love being part of the Operations team and I can't wait to see what’s in store for me here."

Kristina - Administrator


“Since joining Goodwater as a Graduate Trainee I haven’t looked back. My initial role provided me with the chance to explore all aspects of the company very quickly and this, coupled with the consistent training I have received with the academy, has allowed me to progress into new opportunities where I am given more responsibility as well as the freedom to prove myself. This has been made easier by the continued support from my colleagues who are always on hand at any time to help should I require it.”

Tom - Junior Account Manager


"I joined Goodwater last year and apart from the professionalism and high quality of work we provide, I really enjoy working alongside so many amazing people who have such an extensive knowledge of different water systems. The great leadership and communication drives me personally to do my best. It's by far the best team and company I have worked for since leaving school 15 years ago and I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me."

Simon - Service Engineer

“I started my career at Goodwater with little or no experience, and owe my continued successes to the management and colleagues that have supported and trained me over the years. I believe in the Gold Standard service we deliver to our customers, am proud to be part of the Goodwater team, and I look forward to continuing my career here.”

Laura - Operations Supervisor

“I have been at Goodwater for over 7 Years and have been lucky enough to have had several different roles within the company, working my way up until I got into a position that best suits me. People ask why I have been so long at my current company, and I say the same thing each time – that it’s because of the people I work with, where I am friends with them and importantly enjoy working with them.”

Jeff - Business Support Manager (Sales & IT)

“Since I joined Goodwater, I have been keen to learn, and I can honestly say I have learned more in my first 6 months here than I ever did in my previous 4 years elsewhere! I enjoy the work and I’ve settled in well and have been given plenty of responsibility already, which has boosted my confidence and definitely bodes well for my future.”

Marc - Service Engineer

“Goodwater is a great place to work with amazing opportunities for professional and personal progression. Without the help and support from everyone I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Ron - Account Manager