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Goodwater are proud to bring the Orion SANIKILL Monochloramine Dosing Unit to the UK market. Monochloramine has been scientifically proven to be superior for bacterial control within water systems, compared to other commonly used chemical disinfectants within the water treatment industry.

Monochloramine use demonstrates the most effective protection against Legionella, Pseudomonas, and other water borne pathogens.
It has been used as a secondary disinfectant by water municipalities since the first half of the 1900’s. Many water authorities in the UK use monochloramine as a secondary disinfectant to supply water from their treatment facilities due to the enhanced properties over other disinfectant methods.

The SANIKILL, manufactured by Sanipur our partners in Italy, is the first monochloramine water treatment unit that has been specifically designed for hot and cold water systems. Employing on-site production and the most accurate dosage of monochloramine.

Due to its greater stability, monochloramine carries the following benefits over other disinfectants:

  • Longer presence through the water distribution systems – residual levels have been seen weeks after initial dosing
  • Better biofilm penetration – it can get to where the bacteria lurks and inactivate it quickly. Better biofilm penetration means less chemical consumption
  • Non-corrosive - compatibility with all plumbing materials
  • No harmful disinfection by-products

Monochloramine is synthesized from hypochlorous acid and an ammonium salt. With the only by-product produced being water!

HOCl + NH3 ↔ NH2Cl + H2O

Hypochlorus Acid + Ammonia = Monochloramine + Water

Monochloramine is made up of a chlorine atom bound to a nitrogen atom. This gives rise to its long-term stability making monochloramine a milder oxidant compared to other chlorine-based disinfectants.

Being a milder oxidizer allows for a longer contact time of monochloramine with bacteria, helping to maintain a consistent residual throughout a building’s water system and to better penetrate biofilms. Therefore, monochloramine is the best disinfectant biocide for supplemental disinfection applications (especially in domestic hot water loops) where long contact time between the disinfectant and the bacteria is required.

Best Biofilm Penetration

Because of their high reactivity traditional chlorine based disinfectants rapidly react with the organic compounds of the biofilm with the result of having insufficient concentrations of biocide diffusing deep into the biofilm.

Being highly stable, monochloramine is the only molecule that can penetrate deep into the biofilm. It does not react with organic compounds in the biofilm, and is able to carry a consistent residual all the way inside and underneath the upper layers. This is the reason why SANIKILL monochloramine is the best available supplemental disinfectant: It reaches where other biocides can’t!

Image 4 - Biofilm penetration
Image 5 - Compatibility1


Corrosion to plumbing systems, is one of the biggest concerns when using water disinfection dosing within a building. Associated corrosion can result in high costs for replacing damaged pipework and fittings.

The rate of corrosion is influenced by several different factors, the type of disinfectant employed is one of them. Thanks to its lower oxidation potential, monochloramine has demonstrated itself to be less aggressive than all other disinfection treatment for water system materials.

Monochloramine does not directly react with metals, but free ammonia (seen when monochloramine breaks down) could increase the metal release rate where copper is used. To prevent this, a system needs to be capable to control and diminish the ammonia formation when monochloramine is used as a disinfectant.

This is one of the key features of the patented SANIKILL Monochloramine unit - complete free ammonia control via use of an on-board ORP probe (when installed on HWS systems).

No Disinfection By-Products

Because of its high reactivity, chlorine does not only decay faster, but it also reacts with organic molecules that are naturally present in drinking water. When chlorine reacts with the organics that are in the water it produces harmful disinfection by products that need to be regularly tested for to keep compliance with drinking water regulations.

Due to Sanikill’s patented method of monochloramine formation – no by products are produced by the chemical reaction. Also, when dosed into water systems since monochloramine is less reactive than other disinfectants – it will not react with the naturally present organic materials.

Remote Monitoring

Each and every SANIKILL Monochloramine dosing unit comes equipped with an onboard remote control and monitoring system, making it possible to check and adjust the equipment’s operation from any portable device.

This can save the client time and money on call-out visits and also act as an early warning system for any faults.

  • System status report and data logs can be sent automatically (24h per day / 365 days a year)
  • Instant alarm notification via email, text message or local alarm relay
  • Integration with BMS via Modbus or BACnet

Lowering Hot Water Temperatures

The SANIKILL Unit can be installed to treat either both hot and cold services or just the hot water system.

The risk of legionella growth is significantly higher in hot water systems due to the optimal growth temperature for legionella being 37°C and above.

As monochloramine is not affected by an increase in water temperature (as seen with other chlorine-based disinfectants) the SANIKILL is perfectly suited for installation on hot water systems.

Installing on a re-circulating HWS, allows for better control as the SANIKILL constantly measures ORP levels via its onboard probe. Once bacterial control has been established –  users can begin to reduce hot water storage temperatures (as per guidance in the HSG-274 Part 2) leading to considerable cost savings in energy use and becoming a more sustainable building overall.

Comparison of Disinfection Treatment Methods


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