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Laboratory Services

The demands on analytical services are getting higher due to increasingly stringent legislative requirements and other economic and operational factors, requiring a more effective and bespoke service analysis. We use the leading UKAS accredited laboratory to undertake analysis of our samples as we have a duty of care to ensure our clients receive the best available data.

We listen to our clients to establish the right type of testing regime to meet their needs, whether as part of a water hygiene monitoring contract, a compliant BSRIA Pre-commission cleaning water treatment programme, or just as a one-off requirement, we always provide the right technical and practical advice.

But we don’t just focus on the laboratory results. As a trusted expert we work with our clients and explain what the results mean, and this is where we stand out.

If undesirable readings are achieved it may potentially put the safety of humans at risk, or may demonstrate that a water system may be susceptible to damage, through corrosion for example. We guide our clients and suggest appropriate follow-up actions to ensure full compliance with current legislation, whatever the application.

Chemistry & Microbiology

Different types of water analyses are required at different stages of a building’s life cycle.

The BSRIA Guide, for example, details a stringent sampling regime in relation to the installation of all closed re-circulating systems from the initial filling, to the water treatment itself and then the various stages from final dosing to practical completion and eventual handover. We tailor our proposals to include all necessary sampling stages.

When buildings become operational, their water systems require ongoing testing to ensure water quality is effectively maintained. The current British Standards and HSE Guidance documents provide the basis for the advice we offer, and the testing required can be varied but vital to ensure the health of the building’s users is optimised and the lifespan of a water system is increased.

We offer laboratory sampling for the following systems:

  • Mains water
  • Domestic hot and cold water services
  • Closed Re-circulating systems – LTHW, Chilled Water, Condenser, MTHW, HTHW
  • Cooling towers
  • Swimming pools and spa baths

Other services are available including:

  • Deposits analysis
  • Metallurgy (pipework analysis)
  • Air (swab tests)