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Residential & Developments

Since the late 1990s and the turn of the millennium, the UK has seen a huge amount of aesthetic change, in fact many towns and cities are now almost unrecognisable. This has happened on both small and large scale as part of a never-ending cycle of modernisation and redevelopment in response to the growth of the population and the need for more residential buildings and also to meet the demand and expectation from all of us – we all want to walk, drive, shop, exist in clean, modern surroundings.

From local redevelopments like the regeneration of the area around the Emirates Stadium in North London, home to Arsenal Football Club, to the re-development of existing sites like Battersea Power Station where the original fabric of the building is maintained but its old use is replaced with another, redevelopment, improvement and change is constant.

Goodwater works with building consultants and mechanical installers in the design and construction phase to help them select the right solutions for their water systems. Their sites will be home or host to thousands of people so it is imperative the water systems are fit for purpose and that water quality meets the needs of the users and thereafter that these systems are properly maintained.

We have an extensive gamut of solutions for all the new water systems –

  • Water treatment programmes to ensure new closed recirculating systems are effectively pre-commission cleaned in accordance with the latest BSRIA standards.
  • Disinfection services for external mains and internal tank and mains fed domestic water systems.
  • Equipment to treat problems such as hardness scale, bacteria, debris and corrosion.

Once installed our team of engineers are fully equipped to provide tailored water treatment and water hygiene service and maintenance programmes, including testing, chemical dosing, equipment servicing, tank cleaning and system disinfection, water sampling using our accredited laboratory, Legionella Risk Assessment and even training for your site team.

We understand the challenges faced by those involved in installation and maintenance and work with our clients to develop solutions to minimise the costs of operation while meeting stringent compliance and regulations.

In all regards the service we offer is flexible and tailormade to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our client base.