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Goodwater has evolved into a high quality water treatment and water hygiene services provider, able to work at the same fast pace as our customers, adapting quickly to the constantly changing landscape of compliance and technology to deliver proven solutions, services, equipment and products in all sectors and for all businesses across the UK.

We recognise that our clients need to feel supported and rely heavily on our guidance and expertise to help them remain compliant in all areas of water related legislation, with the key aims being to ensure water systems remain in good condition and more importantly the health and safety of people using these systems is maintained.

In partnership with the industry leader in mobile workflow management solutions, we use tablet-based digital reporting technology to ensure our service reports are generated and issued quickly and efficiently with any non-conformances flagged and followed up swiftly.

This is absolutely critical to our service commitment as we understand how important it is to our clients that they receive their data quickly and in a professional format.

Mpro device