Dorado Dioxychlor IV Treatment System

We are proud to announce the launch of a new product to add to our Dorado range of chlorine dioxide dosing systems.

The Dioxychlor IV is the latest evolution of our proportional dosing unit bringing up-to-date technology to a well established treatment designed to control the growth of bacteria, particularly legionella, in hot and cold water systems.

The key features of the Dioxychlor IV are:

  Coloured Touchscreen displaying unit status and alarms, as well as increased programme functionality

  Analogue dosing pumps providing far greater control of chemical dosing

  Alarm logging, with up to 12 events stored making fault investigation much quicker and more accurate

  Pre-assembled manifold, minimising installation issues

  Integrated functionality with (optional) chlorine dioxide monitoring probes

  WRAS/Regulation 4 approval

Easy to install and operate, the Dioxychlor IV is a unique chlorine dioxide dosing system that brings the latest technologies into a proven and effective method of controlling legionella and biofilm growth. Please get in touch for more information and guidance on how to select a suitable unit.

Skid-mounted Unit
Skid-mounted Unit
Pipework Manifold
Pipework Manifold

Further Information

We have put together a series of technical documents to explain the ins and outs of the new Dioxychlor IV system in relation to the other treatment systems in the range.

For more legislative information go to HSG274 Part 2, paragraphs 2.91-2.100.


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