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Miguel Garcia, our Sales Director, is appointed Chairman of SoPHE IWG

SoPHE has three committees that work together to promote PH engineering and SoPHE in general – the Steering Group (made up of consultants), the Industry Working Group (made up of manufacturers) and the Contractor Group. Between them they organise physical and virtual seminars, issue a Journal three times a year, host the Northern and London Annual Dinners, the Young Engineers Award and run a plumbing/PH course at the SoPHE Plumbing Centre of Excellence, among other things.

SoPHE has well over 1000 members worldwide and there are 74 manufacturers in the Industry Working Group. The IWG committee has about a dozen members, each responsible for a geographical area or another area of responsibility such as Technical/Education/Membership.

Miguel had been the committee secretary since 2010 and the Vice Chair for the last year or so. The Chair has now stepped back and he was voted in as Chair on the 17th November – a very proud moment for him and Goodwater!

See below a couple of links to give you some background as to what SoPHE is and what the Industrial Associates are.

Congratulations MIg, testament to years of hard work in the industry.

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