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PAS 2060 Progress

What is Carbon Neutrality and PAS 2060?

Carbon neutrality means not adding new greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere. Where emissions continue, they must be offset by absorbing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere, for example through carbon capture and reforestation that is supported by carbon credit schemes.


We are now well underway with our preparations for PAS 2060 accreditation.

Working with our approved partner, Auditel UK, we are gathering information from our employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers to establish our carbon use for the year 2022. Thank you to all who have contributed to this effort throughout our company and supply chain.

Our current efforts are focused on the transport of people and equipment, to and from both site and our offices.

From all this we are learning ways we can get that data in the future as part of business-as-usual to make the whole process easier for subsequent years. It is also allowing us to identify areas we can improve on, which is one of the goals of the accreditation: continuous improvement in carbon use.

As previously promised we shall issue updates as our journey progresses.