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The journey to become Verified Carbon Neutral to PAS 2060 starts here!

We are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with our new Carbon Partner, Auditel, to deliver on our strategic objective of reaching Net Zero.

Our Managing Director, Martin King, comments:

“There are also other drivers for engaging with Auditel and having the targets to become Carbon Neutral and eventually achieve Net Zero. The first is that there is a substantial compliance element to the solutions we deliver. We are starting to see that our customers are driving to achieve Net Zero themselves. This is resulting in the tender requirements that are coming through from our customers, specifically highlighting that they will not select specialist sub-contractors that do not have a clear plan of action in place to measure and reduce their carbon emission.

We are now on the journey to accurately measuring our carbon footprint and developing strategies to reduce it, which will ensure we do not miss out on tendering opportunities from our customers. Safeguarding our business by aligning ourselves to our customers must be a key priority.

The second driver is that we understand that we have a place in the worldand we care about making a difference socially and environmentally. We have a young, highly skilled, dynamic work force and the importance of working for a company that is serious about limiting the impact and damage we have on the planet plays a very significant role in why they choose to work for Goodwater.

We are at the start of our journey and are determined to make an important and positive impact on our world. We are excited to be working with leading Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions experts, Auditel, to begin the process of accurately measuring our carbon footprint.

This is an important project for Goodwater and we are excited to be making a meaningful difference, whilst leading the way in our industry.”

About Auditel

Auditel is a leading Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Company. We help organisations reduce their carbon emissions whilst also reducing their costs. In the current challenging economic climate, organisations are battling with the desire to drive growth and profitability, whilst investing in low carbon emitting technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and speed up their journey to achieving Net Zero.

OUR MISSION: To help organisations become Verified Carbon Neutral in a measurable, meaningful and potentially self-funding way. Since 1994, we’ve built a strong network of over 100 procurement and carbon specialists. Our specialists come from a broad range of professions and industries, giving our clients access to an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise in procurement and decarbonisation. Using Auditel’s simple 4 step process, we can deliver solutions that will enable your organisation to achieve independent verification of carbon neutrality in the short-term.

At Auditel we believe passionately that effective procurement can save your organisation thousands of pounds and make you more competitive. We also know that being Carbon Neutral doesn’t need to COST the EARTH. For more information visit:

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